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I joined the Ladies Golf Academy at Ealing golf club in March of this year and am fortunate to have Neil Jordan as my instructor. He is enthusiastic, motivating, patient and pays attention to detail. Under his tutorage I have improved tremendously in skill and temperament and following his clear path from beginner to player, I am now about to become a member of the golf club. During my time with Neil, I have seen that his pupils range from beginners like myself to experienced members and I know he has also trained professionals. He is clearly an Instructor for students at any level and I highly recommend him. 

Bournemouth and Poole College of Further Education, 1986
This letter  was written 29 years ago and  it provides an insight into work I was doing with a group of learners who were just starting on their  golfing journey.  I am as proud of this letter as I was to be associated with Mikael's win on the European Tour.

I have known Neil Jordan for almost 30 years and have the highest regard for him as a golf coach to players of all standards.


Playing of a handicap of 1 or 2 for almost 40 years, I have usually been able to manage my own game but whenever I have been unsure or confused about where my swing has broken down, I have visited Neil. He not only has the expert eye to diagnose cause rather than simply identify the symptom of a fault, he has a special ability to get across his ideas in a way that the player can relate to in terms of their own perceptions of their swing.


Neil will not try to force a player beyond their capabilities but does enable them to make the best of what skills they have.


He quickly develops a rapport with his players and because of his patient approach and his ability to convey an understanding of the mechanics and flow of movement involved in the golf swing, he is equally able to coach effectively advanced players of a high standard and also beginners developing their interest in golf. Not all golf coaches can operate across the spectrum of abilities as can Neil.


David Dannhauser

Dec 2015

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