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The lesson experience:


Book the golf lesson at Ealing Golf Shop on 0208 997 3959 or through the link above.

Arrive at the Golf Club and go into the shop to meet Neil.

Bring your own clubs if you have them, or Neil will lend you some.

Are you left handed or right handed?

Wear flat shoes and preferably no denim.

Time for a few stretches.

Tell Neil of any existing injuries, pain or niggles.

The best way to get to the teaching area at Ealing Golf Club is shown on the map below:


































Lesson content:


If it is your first ever lesson, you will learn how to swing the golf club. Lesson 2, you will learn how to hit the ball, and Lesson 3, you will learn to control the direction of the ball.  You will then know if the game is for you.  The next three lessons you will learn the various shots, putting, chipping and woods. Club and equipment purchase next, followed by shot improvement in the next lessons to move towards playing on the golf course.


A player's lesson: follows three stages. 

Your input.  What you want.  What you understand.  What you feel. I'm listening! I will read your individual method of learning, words, visual, or kinaesthetic.  I will use GASP video analysis if required.


You then start hitting golf balls and I will tell you what you need to improve.  You keep talking too.  I will tell you the story of your swing.  Causes and effects.  The tools and exercises to work on.  A cause may have several effects.  If you can't do something, it is probably an effect.  The causes hold the keys. What the ball does, the divot, your balance, your feelings and ball flight laws.


Finally, synchronising.  Rhythm.  The order. 


You will go home with the conclusion, a prescription.


Lesson outcome bullets:


  • Understand the causes to work on and bin the effects.  

  • Understanding your swing.

  • Ball flight laws.

  • Satisfaction and relief.

  • The correct path to work on.

  • Less time wasted guessing on what to work on.

  • Move towards your potential.





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